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Angela Attison Interracial Anal
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After about three weeks I finally got all the papers I needed to work, and went to one of the window owners for a room to work. Quickly I started making money, and I paid them back the money they owed me, and after I paid them everything they told me if I wanted I could move to an apartment of my own. I however decide to stay and live with them, since they where very nice people.
It’s strange really, that this rule only exists for prostitution. If I would have chosen any other job over here, the couple that helped me would have been seen by the law as an employment agency, in stead of criminals.
We have so many organisations claiming they help us. But all they do is help us to quit the job. Nobody helps us to start this job in a safe way for the girls who want to do this job. Myself and many other girls didn’t have any problems with the people that helped us, but it’s no secret that there is a small group of people taking advantage of a few girls, and exploit them. If nobody offers you an alternative, then this is the end result of it.
If people really want to fight human trafficking, then give girls who want to work in prostitution a good way in, and not just a good way out.

Prostitute in Romania Girls

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.
In the early years of the 21st Century
Domestic consumption and investment have fueled strong GDP growth in recent years, but have led to large current account imbalances. Romania’s macroeconomic gains have only recently started to spur creation of a middle class and address Romania’s widespread poverty. Corruption and red tape continue to handicap its business environment. Inflation rose in 2007-08, driven in part by strong consumer demand and high wage growth, rising energy costs, a nation-wide drought affecting food prices, and a relaxation of fiscal discipline. [ The World Factbook , U.S.C.I.A. 2009]
CAUTION: The following links and accompanying text have been culled from the web to illuminate the situation in Romania . Some of these links may lead to websites that present allegations that are unsubstantiated, misleading or even false. No attempt has been made to validate their authenticity or to verify their content.
Country Information Romania.
Terre des Hommes via its Internet platform against sexual exploitation of children in tourism
[accessed 17 September 2011]
COMMERCIAL SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN IN TOURISM – Romania , and in particular Bucharest , is one of the key travel destinations in Europe for paedo -sexual offenders. The street-children are frequently victims. It is estimated that five per cent of the homeless children in Romania are forced into sexual exploitation. As a reaction, there has recently been an increase in the numbers of arrests, with foreign perpetrators receiving long prison sentences in Romania .
LAW – The sexual abuse of children in Romania is punished with prison sentences of up to fifteen years. Romania ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in October 1990, and in January 2002 it ratified the optional protocol on child trafficking, child prostitution, and child pornography.
ECPAT Global Monitoring Report on the status of action against commercial exploitation of children – ROMANIA [PDF]
ECPAT International, 2006.
[accessed 12 July 2011]
A number of street children in Romania are involved in prostitution or have been forced to engage in the production of pornographic material, while other vulnerable children are also recruited by paedophiles or trafficking networks at a very early age. Most street children come from Roma families. Street children are among the most vulnerable groups of children, and both girls and boys are sexually exploited at a very early age. Rape is very frequent in the streets, and girls and very young boys are the main victims. There are at least 2,000 street children in Bucharest and 5,000 in the whole country.
Furthermore, sexual exploitation of children in tourism has been exacerbated by the development of the tourism industry in Romania. At the end of the 1990s, a series of cases involving European and American child sex exploiters traveling to Romania to gain sexual contact with children signalled that this particular form of sexual exploitation threatened to add to the numerous trafficking and other issues related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) that the country already faced. While it does not seem that an organised child sex tourism industry has developed, there is evidence that the country is visited by foreign nationals seeking sexual contact with children, and appropriate prevention measures must be taken to avoid any increase of these types of crimes against children.
The Department of Labor’s 2004 Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor.
U.S. Dept of Labor Bureau of International Labor Affairs, 2005.
[accessed 19 December 2010]
INCIDENCE AND NATURE OF CHILD LABOR – It is estimated that about 30 percent of sex workers in Bucharest are under 18 years of age. There are indications that Romanian teenage boys and girls are involved in the sex trade in the countries of Western Europe . Romania is a country of origin and transit for internationally trafficked women and girls from Moldova, Ukraine, and other parts of the former Soviet Union to Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Cambodia for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

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