Chapter 7. The Defense Forces.


Chapter 7. The Defense Forces.

Lacking up-to-date materiel, the Yugoslav armed forces were no match for the modernly equipped and highly-trained German war machine. Their deficiencies were particularly marked in the fields of aviation and armor. In January 19A1 the Yugoslav Air Force numbered approximately 700 military aircraft. Most of these were obsolete. A major portion of all weapons and equipment was of foreign moke, with the.Skoda armament plant the main source. After the Germans annexed the whole of Czechoslovakia in 1939, deliveries from that source ceased almost completely. The pronounced inferiority of Yugoslav equipment and materiel was partly compensated for by the inaccessibility of the country and the toughness of the individual soldier. However, internal friction between the different ethnic groups, particularly between Serbs and Croats, undermined the over-all combat effectiveness of the Yugoslav military forces.

The Yugoslav plan of defense called for a fairly even distribution of all available forces along the extended frontiers of the country. In so doing its high command displayed little ingenuity as it deprived itself of the opportunity of forming strong reserves. Since the capital of Belgrade and the industrial area around Nis and Kragujevac were situated so near the frontier, major elements of the Army’had to be tied down in the defense of those sectors. Moreover, the Yugoslav Command endeavored to main-tain contact v;ith the Greek &nd British troops in Greece by strengthening its forces in northern Macedonia. In conjunction with a Greek attack from the south, the Yugoslav high command planned to commit the Third Army in a drive against Albania from the east, ‘while this attack force was to push the Italians out of Albania, the other armies were to fight delaying actions if any frontier sector should be invaded by Germany. In the evont of initial setbacks in the border areas, the Yugoslavs planned to conduct an orderly withdrawal into the inaccessible mountainous regions in the western part of the country, where they intended to continue their resistance by engaging the invader in costly arid time-consuming guerrilla warfare.

Combined arms training and maneuvers under simulated combat conditions were greatly neglected by the Yugoslavs. During training much emphasis was placed on delaying actions, defensive fighting, and the conduct of counterattacks. Considerable weight was also attached to assault tactics of infantry forces. The individual Serb soldier was well trained in close-combat and hand-to-hand fighting, but he was powerless against heavy artillery fire and air-supported armored thrusts.

Special emphasis was placed on guerrilla warfare, for which the Serbs were especially well-suited and trained. The "Cetnici," a partisan organization composed of loyal Serbs, had been formed into militia units of varying size up to battalion strength. Its primary mission was to carry out raids and acts of sr^otage against enemy command posts and rear area installations. Guerrilla units were to be committed to reinforce the frontier guards so that they could wage their specialized type of warfare against an attacker from the very outset of operations.

There was no continuous line of fortifications along the Yugoslav frontier. Although pillboxes had been constructed in certain places to reinforce individual strong points, these were at best interconnected by unimproved, open trenches. None of the pillboxes was provided with armor-plated cupolas; they were equipped primarily vith machine guns and, in some instances, with antitank and light artillery guns. Though these fortified positions vrere far from imposing, they were, as a rule, well concealed and camouflaged. Several rows of wire entanglements protected the positions. At some points tank obstacles and antitank Hitches rere built in front of the fortified lines. The obstacles consisted of from three to five rows of steel girders which had merely been driven into the ground but were not anchored in a concrete foundation. Consequently, they did not constitute a formidable barrier for the modern-type medium tank. The antitank ditches, though few in number, were well conceived and uffecvtivGly constructed. They measured twenty-four feet in width and nine feet in depth, and their steep retaining wall was revetted.

Because of the mountainous terrain along the German-Yugoslav frontier, the defense system in this area was limited to blocking main roads and key mountain passes where a German penetration was most likely to occur. It was here that most of the fortified positions had been constructed. Their size and strength varied depending on the import once of the border-crossing point and on the natural terrain features,

At the beginning of April 1941 the Yugoslav Army was composed of seventeen regular and twelve reserve divisions, sAx cembinud-arms brigades, thrco regular cavalry divisions and three reserve cavalry brigades, one fortress division, and one fortress brigade. There were also twenty-three frontier guard battalions, a number of frontier guard regiments, and some fortification troops. The fully mobilized strength of the Army was slightly under 1,000,000 men.

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