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Denise davies facial
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Revue internationale d’archeologie et de sciences sociales sur la peninsule Arabique/International Journal of Archaeology and Social Sciences in the Arabian Peninsula.
L’“occupation” de l’Ethiopie par l’Italie fasciste a dure de 1935?1936 a 1941 – la ou la domination italienne dans la Corne de l’Afrique (Erythree et Somalie) s’est etablie sur un temps beaucoup plus long (1880s?1940s). Les relations entre les hommes de nationalite italienne et les femmes africaines, dans cette region, ont ete marquee par la pratique du « concubinage colonial » (appele « madamato »), dont le modele, le systeme et l’omnipresence subtile ont persiste en Ethiopie bien apres le retrait italien. Les relations de genre durant l’occupation italienne ont eu, et ont encore, un impact considerable sur la societe italienne. Les Italiens?Ethiopiens nes pendant et apres la seconde Guerre mondiale relatent des histoires familiales qui retracent la continuite entre l’Ethiopie coloniale et l’Ethiopie postcoloniale. Si l’integration de ces Italiens?Ethiopiens s’est amelioree durant les dernieres decennies, la memoire de l’occupation italienne est encore bien vivante, a l’image du vocabulaire depreciatif communement utilise pour designer ces personnes.
The Italian “occupation” of Ethiopia during Fascism lasted from 1935?36 to 1941, while Italian rule in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea and Somalia) was much longer (1880s?1940s). Relationships between Italian men and Northeast African women in the Horn were characterized by the practice of colonial concubinage (so?called madamato ), the pattern, system and subtle pervasiveness of which somehow persisted in Ethiopia even after the Italian withdrawal. Gender relations during the Italian occupation had, and still have, a considerable impact on Ethiopian society. Ethiopian?Italians, born during and after World War II, relate family stories which reestablish the continuity between colonial and postcolonial Ethiopia. Although the social integration of Ethiopian?Italians in Ethiopia has improved during the past decades, the memory of the Italian occupation is still alive and the vocabulary commonly used to designate Ethiopian?Italians is still derogatory.
1 I would like to thank Alessandro Bausi, Blandine Destremau, Eloi Ficquet, Peter W. Mayer, Haylamary (. )
1 Italian colonialism in Northern and Northeast Africa began in the early 1880s and lasted until the early 1940s. After gaining Assab in 1882 and Massawa in 1885, in 1890 what was then called Eritrea was established by Italy as a colony. Italy began occupying Somalia in 1889 and Libya in 1911. In 1935 Mussolini, with much boasting, embarked upon the Ethiopian Campaign and Italian troops entered Addis Ababa in 1936. The same year, Mussolini proclaimed the Italian Empire and created in the Horn the so?called Africa Orientale Italiana . Five years later Italy lost control of Ethiopia.
2 Triulzi , 2006, p. 430?443. 3 Labanca , 2002, p. 427?470. 4 After publishing in 1965 a first, pioneering, small book on the occupation of Ethiopia ( La guerra d (. ) 5 Labanca , 1993, 2002 and 2005. 6 Andall and Duncan , 2005; Ben?Ghiat and Fuller , 2005; Palumbo , 2003. See also: Lombardi?Diop and Rom (. ) 7 Trento , 2012, p. 269?303. 8 Barrera , 1996; 2003, p. 69?72; 2008, p. 393?414. See also Barthelemy , Capdevila and Zaccarini?Fourn (. )
2 Italian colonialism in Africa came to a sudden, formal end in conjunction with Italy’s defeat in World War II. While in Italy’s former colonies memories of colonialism have remained vivid,2 Italian historiography after World War II tended for decades to exclude colonialism from its national history. This happened for numerous, complex social and historical reasons, some of them still unclear in part, including the difficulty of “digesting” its Fascist past and the lack of a proper decolonization process.3 Starting about forty years ago,4 historiography has slowly begun to come to life again. In the last couple of decades there has been increasing interest in the history of Italian colonialism,5 as well as from the international research field and postcolonial studies.6 However, many of its aspects remain unexplored; in particular, those related to the cultural history7 and to gender and women in colonial Northeast Africa.8.

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