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Exactly. Eugene Victor Debs. A real American hero!
I couldnt have answered santiago better than you.Santiago obviously knows communism from a textbook or just the crap from Nato controlled if hitler and the tin pot dictators supported by nato in africa ,asia and south central america didnt mass murder at all.i bet santiago is a cuban ,south american or spaniard descendant of fascist family now living in USA?
Actually, commies do suck. But in any case, Rojava is democratic confederalist, which is basically the opposite of communism (direct democracy, no leader, no party, no state).
Instead of telling bullshits, you should study little bit more the region.
Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga are not communist at all. You make a confusion with Syrian Kurdish YPG and Turkey Kurdish PKK.
YPG and PKK are part of the Kurdish forces, and all of them together are US proxies.
“YPG and PKK are part of the Kurdish forces” – more gibberish from the child in the room. YPG is a Syrian militia, PKK is a Turkish political movement. Neither are US proxies.
What’s the matter, commie? Can’t stand criticism of your shitty criminal organization? YPG is one of the core components of SDF, therefore it is a part of Kurdish forces, and PKK isn’t shy about its support of YPG and the notion of an independent kurdish state, making it if not a part of kurdish forces, then at least a supporter of them.
Seeing as how the current US policy in Syria relies on the creation of an independent Kurdish puppet state, and all these organizations fight for exactly that, they indeed are US proxies.
“You make a confusion with Syrian Kurdish YPG and Turkey Kurdish PKK.” – neither of which is communist…
Foreign divisions for kurds?
The few hundred will be very proud to be called divisions. Volonteers in KRG are mostly christians or kurds from other countries.
Volonteers for YPG are indeed mostly leftists and number up to a few hundred. MFS, syrian syriac christians have some western christian volonteers.
Are you implying only rednecks are to be allowed to volonteer?
Antifa probably does but i think PKK gave up Communist ideals a long time ago. If i was a leftist or even just a brave volunteer i would also join Pkk,saa or Christians.They all are only ones killing jihadis!!
Just inform yourself at least about the basic who-is-who-s in this conflict, actually you just prove that you have no idea what?s going on.
Oh wow, they have a STAR. OMG.
After the capture of Ramadi, hundreds of suspected IS, or even just sunni young men, “disappeared”.The same is reported about Iraqi forces in Mosul.
Alternatives for treatment of real IS fighters?
Yes you are right Ivanus.They prob lost their communist “love your neighbour” ideals a long time ago though.barzani kurds definitely erdogan turk collaborator satellite state.
Grow up. Syrian Kurds are not “US proxy”, and neither are they communist. Idiot.
Iraq willl shake hands with them for the good have no idea what you are talking about 🙂
YPG has allied itself with Israel & USA, that’s gold at the stupid olympics.
YPG is not allied with either. I presume you threw “Israel” in there for some racist anti-jew thing you’ve got going on. Or do you seriously believe that a left-wing anti-capitalist anti-empirical decentralised people’s democracy is truly “allied” with a right-wing capitalist empire? LOL. Enjoy your gold medal.
Hasbara is paying you well I assume, YPG is part of the US-led coalition in NE Syria, or haven’t you heard? Netanyahu has made Israeli support for ‘Kurdistan’ clear since 2014, and Kurds have welcomed his support.
It didn’t happen, it’s pure propaganda.
Most likely Turkmen.
Yes maybe.Those are supposedly” moderates supported by democratic govs like Erdogans” if we are to believe White Houses comments of a few years reality that trash was just code for white house really saying” yes they are a bunch of headchopping psychos but they are our psychos and when they brutally chop people we dont care because they will be brown people or an unlucky white person in wrong place at wrong time who is not of political class who cares!”.
death to isis. congratulations.
Cheaper and safer than prison but still distressing to my western sensibilities.
They are likely members of the Turkmen militia and other local groups who fought ISIS and oppose Kurdish influence in their region and have been executed by Kurds before. The Peshmerga were given these men by the US Military shows you how the US actually operates there.
But the Peshmerga and Turkey are on somewhat friendly terms.
So who would come up with this so called news?
Why are you such a complete idiot in geography Turkmen are originally from Turkmenistan which is towards the Russian border along the Southeastern boundaries. They are on the Northern borders of Iran an Afghanistan they border the South part of the Caspian Sea , that is a long way from Turkey which is in the Mediterranean Sea.

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