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Their routes to the Netherlands are varied; in most cases they acquire the visa of any European country, and then they travel from one country to another. African women are popularly known to work in windows, so we chose to work in windows and not in clubs, where very few are found.
Ghanaian prostitutes in Holland.
The Ghanaian female community can be divided socially into three groups. The top group is formed by women who are not prostitutes, the middle consists of the ex-prostitutes and the bottom group is formed by women who currently work in prostitution.
There is much rivalry and jealousy between these groups. The women working currently as prostitutes feel ashamed and guilty, but at the same time they despise the other women because they have no money. The women of the first group feel themselves superior to the rest. The former prostitutes are despised by all the others.
At the beginning, even if the prostitutes come from different regions and tribes of Ghana, they are friendly to each other provided they have no conflict based on jealousy or rivalry, which happens quite often. In such a situation the women quarrel, accuse each other of using juju (black magic), or even beat each other up.
They like to work with white men, specially with Dutch and some tourists (Germans, Italians etc) because they are generous. On the other hand, other tourists (British) are not very much liked as customers because they are difficult in terms of money.
They find that the white clients have more respect for white prostitutes than for the black ones.
They never work with blacks, unless in very bad times, but then they make sure they are not from Africa or they are not a friend of their husband’s.
The Turks and Moroccans who live in Holland are considered as wicked, and the women do not like working with them.
African prostitutes are very mobile. They have many contacts in Europe through their relatives and friends. Most of the women we approached circulate continuously between different countries and towns in Europe. Their mobility is due to the fact that they work without pimps so they are free to move. They also want to work far away from their community in order not to be recognised by someone they know.
Some women with a husband living in Amsterdam or elsewhere, go home every couple of weeks and stay there for some time. At the same time they want to keep their workroom and window, so the women have developed something of a network, exchanging the rooms with a girlfriend and keeping their belongings there. So the woman never lets the room go. When she plans to move to another town, she arranges that her colleague takes over the room during her absence.
If the woman works far away from her home, she does not come home often because the distance is so large. She stays away for about three months and then goes home for three or four weeks.
The Benin women who claim themselves as Nigerians are in many aspects different from the Ghanaians. They are not very numerous in the Netherlands.
They maintain close relations with each other and there are no conflicts between them.
They can read and write well.
They have a great deal of respect for their bodies and they always want to know more facts about safe practices. They are much more open and participate fully and ask questions about anything they do not know. This is probably due to the fact that they feel free in the Netherlands because they are not under the control of their own communities or husbands as would be the case in Belgium or Italy.
They accept themselves as prostitutes (but only in Europe) so they are eager to learn more about their profession. They are willing to learn all sorts of new things from TAMPEP provided they sound reasonable to them. They pass this knowledge quickly to their fellow Nigerians, whichever country they may be in. They are also mobile but only between Belgium and Italy.
What does a prostitute in Minsk cost? – July 13, 2009.
Getting traffic to our sites, and getting surveys on salaries filled in, is one of the key challenges for the WageIndicators worldwide, to get a reliable result. Fortunately, we have 45 national partners and sometimes they come up with amazing ways to get attention.
Sex sells, we know, so when our colleagues of Mojazaplata Belarus promised to tell us how much prostitutes in Minsk would earn, we knew we were heading for a blast.
‘Prostitutes in Minsk. Secrets of Craftmanship’, is the article called in a translation, and here you find the original one: Проститутки Минска. Секреты ремесла. It starts by first defining what a prostitute might be, bringing it very close to the reader: They sell their bodies, do not hesitate to talk about it and called profession of sex for money.How much and how to earn a prostitute in Belarus?
In fact, it is very difficult to identify the line which begins prostitution. But in terms of profession questionable call her a prostitute, which, for example, go with a stranger, and took his money for a taxi. Similarly, you can not call a doctor person, if once he was able to make someone artificial respiration or bandage bandaged finger.

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