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I still can’t help feeling that no one would really choose to work as a prostitute if there were other, equally lucrative options.
Yet what seems to have been overlooked, is that the Home Office is offering legislation to tackle the trade in human misery – while withdrawing funding to crack down on it. The largest police unit dedicated to human trafficking faces closure a year after it was set up, because the Home Office has cut funding for these sorts of investigations by more than 50 per cent, from ?4m to ?1.7m.
Jacqui Smith’s proposed legislation is meaningless – designed to make men think twice before calling a prostitute, but unlikely to register in the twilight world of traffickers. But then, legislation always comes for free, sex doesn’t.
Buying sex: What the punters pay.
?10-?15: Ten minutes with a street prostitute.
?20: Sex in a “walk-up” – rooms, usually in known red-light districts, which are crudely advertised with signs on the doors or walls. These establishments are often destinations for trafficked women.
?25: Entrance to a sauna, which covers the cost of the room and use of facilities. Sexual services are extra.
?40: Probably the lowest fee to engage the services of someone advertising in a phone box. A full hour will cost about ?100.
?50: The minimum price for 30 minutes with a prostitute in a brothel.
?80: Probably the maximum charged for full sex in a sauna.
?200: One hour with a “high-class” independent escort, but they will usually ask for a minimum booking of three or four hours.
?3,000: An entire day with a “high-class” independent escort.
?5,000+: One day with a “courtesan”, although they are unlikely to accept bookings for less than 48 hours.
Prostitution: the facts.
There are an estimated 80,000 prostitutes in Britain, of which more than 20,000 have come from abroad.
* At least 4,000 prostitutes in Britain have been trafficked. Anti-trafficking groups say the true figure is much higher.
* Of the estimated 25,000 women who work in brothels, 85 per cent are from overseas. It is thought 8,000 are working against their will.
* The most recent estimates (from 2001) place the total earnings of British prostitutes at around ?770m a year.
* According to one study, 95 per cent of street prostitutes are drug addicts. Another suggests that 87 per cent use heroin.
* The UK sex industry includes street girls, brothel and agency workers, dominatrices and high-class courtesans.
* Internet sites such as Punternet, Captain69 as well as listing sites such as Craigslist have given prostitutes a huge market online. Many prostitutes run their own websites.
A summary of recommendations from the Home Office report “Tackling the demand for prostitution” (published 19 November):
* Make it an offence for people to pay for sex with someone who is controlled for another person’s gain.
* Run a campaign aimed at sex buyers to raise awareness about trafficking for sexual exploitation.
* Amend the offences of kerb-crawling and persistent soliciting to allow prosecution for a first offence.
* Launch a national anti-kerb-crawling campaign and support forces in reducing street prostitution.
* Introduce closure powers for premises linked to sexual exploitation, allowing police to restrict access for up to three months.
What drives a prostitute.
In a survey of prostitution, the majority of prostitutes say their own sexuality, sexual curiosity and money are the main reasons they chose their line of work.
Half of the prostitutes in a new survey say they became prostitutes because of sexual curiosity, and 68 percent consider their line of work as part of their sexuality.
“While there’s no doubt that money is the primary reason for the women becoming prostitutes, it is very surprising that sexual motivation ranks so highly,” says Jens Kofod, who holds a PhD in anthropology and is a researcher at SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research.
He was responsible for the survey and the subsequent report, ‘Prostitution in Denmark’, which also reveals that Denmark has fewer prostitutes than expected and that most street prostitutes are foreigners.
Women became prostitutes for many different reasons, but they often feel stigmatised by society as needing help to stop their work (fewer than half of the prostitutes have considered stopping), instead of society respecting their choice of work.
Child abuse is often regarded as a reason for prostitution by the media, politicians and general public, who feel the prostitutes need help to stop their work.
But the survey produced no clear conclusion on this – some prostitutes were abused as children, others were not.
Four groups of prostitutes.
The SFI researchers calculate that there are a little over 3,200 prostitutes in Denmark, which is fewer than expected, for example because some prostitutes work at several clinics.
The researchers divide the prostitutes into four groups:
• Female escort prostitutes (about 900)
• Male escort prostitutes (no figure)
• Female clinic prostitutes (about 1,600)
• Street prostitutes (less than 600 foreigners, few Danes)

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