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The FBI, New York City police, Vermont State Police and Burlington police all declined to comment on the investigation beyond acknowledging that it does exist.
“It’s very complex and getting bigger all the time,” Burlington Police Det. Kimberly Edwards said.
The Bronx District Attorney’s Office released documents related to the charges against Rodriguez, but refused to say anything at all about the case.
As Many as Nine Victims.
“These guys were up here, allegedly, basically going to places where there were troubled girls and offering them drugs and money and who knows what else to come to New York,” Gov. Dean said.
To the outsider, it might come as a shock that any girl from Vermont, with its picturesque white clapboard villages, scenic mountains, ski resorts and dairy farms, could be lured to a rundown neighborhood in the Bronx. Experts in both New York and Vermont say it happens less often than it used to, mainly because the media and Hollywood have painted such an unappealing picture of New York.
But in any state there are youngsters for whom life anywhere but where they are is more attractive, who are susceptible to sweet talk, promises and lies.
While Vermont may present an idyllic appearance to the tourists who come for its ski slopes and stunning fall foliage season, the state has its share of social problems. Dean said “a few years ago” gangs tried to move into the state, but police were able to drive them out. He said there is currently a heroin problem “that’s probably related to” the alleged prostitution ring.
The fact that all the girls involved apparently were in the custody of the SRS, meaning that all either came from troubled homes or had been in trouble themselves, led Dean to call for an internal investigation of the agency. While lawmakers and SRS officials agree the agency is understaffed, it is widely acknowledged that just budgeting more money for the SRS will not be enough.
“Can you put people under lock and key if they’re runaways?” he asked. “I’m sure there are Constitutional issues there. If kids are going to run away, can you hold them, if their only crime is running away? It’s really a tough issue.”
Cliche with a Tragic Ending.
The woman told the Burlington Free Press that Rodriguez “could be very, very persuasive. He’s got this smile. He’d show up at the clubs in nice clothes and buy everyone drinks. He had a car with a TV and a VCR. He never seemed to run out of money.”
She said he “made believe he loved” Jones, and that Jones “wanted to be Jose’s girlfriend.”
Jones’ death has focused attention on the criminal aspect of the case, but Dean said it has also awakened an awareness that how the state’s SRS deals with children in its care needs to be seriously examined. Legislators have joined the call for changes at the agency.
However, Dean suggested that adding staff, making shelters more pleasant or even keeping closer tabs on children in the agency’s care might not be enough unless the girls themselves come to appreciate the risks out there.
“One of the things I wanted to do was to get this in the paper,” he said. “This kind of story, horrible as it is, can be a very good educator.”
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The thing about Lima is that there are always a couple prostitutes hanging around. I took this picture as I was walking home the other day. This is right in the middle of Miraflores, one of the nicer districts, and there, clustered appropriately around the cash machine is a congregation of prostitutes. I didn’t want to get any closer to take a decent picture because…well…i’d probably have to pay for it and there’s no way that I was going to pay these girls any money for anything.
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10 years spent living in Peru! Don’t hesitate to send questions and stories. Also, make sure to read “Reckless Traveler!”
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